Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best lunch ever

The best lunch ever has nothing to do with food.  (If you must know, I ate left over Pad Thai from our dinner party over the weekend.  I ate this on my morning break.)
The best lunch ever involves a shop to DSW for a new pair of shoes.

I went to the store looking for something like this:
These are Steve Madden "Docile"
(I bought a pair of Bandolino shoes similar to these in black and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.)

I ended up walking about with these bad boys (in brown, the same brown as above):

The shoes were 40% off!!!
Now...these shoes on my feet say Steve Madden, the box says Steve Madden, but I can't find them anywhere online, except listed as Aldo shoes.  While this confuses me, I don't really care that much because these shoes are so cute!  I tried them on with tights and they are adorable and I think they will look equally cute with bare legs in the spring/summer.  I'm excited to wear them this weekend for our friend's birthday dinner (weather permitting).

On a side note, as I was looking for pictures of these shoes, I discovered something that really freaks me out: HAUL VIDEOS.  I had to "google it" because I had no idea what these girls were talking about.  Bascially tweens and teens post videos about all the stuff they buy while shopping. 
Watch this video and you'll understand why I'm weirded out (PS. she says "funner" in this video and I almost screamed because she said it 3-4 times).  I think these videos goes way beyond someone saying "hey, check out this really cool thing I got" (Like I have done above).  I think it is promoting the wrong message about shopping and materialistic items. (This is the reason I pray that Danial and I have boys someday.) 
Anything thoughts?  NPR did a story about it and you can read that here.

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