Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Engagement Session Inspiration

As our wedding day gets closer I am getting more and more excited for our photography options.  Our photographers, the wonder Ely Brothers are shooting our engagement photos and our wedding.  Not only are they fantastically talented, they are the nicest guys around. 
As we get deeper into wedding planning, I keep coming across engagement photos that I am in love with...
1) Camping Session.
Photos by Shannen Norman via Green Wedding Shoes
2) A Relaxed Session
3) Baking.  (I wish our house was this cute!)
Photos by Hello Studios via Project Wedding.

4) Together.  (Go to Sarah's website to view the rest of these, this couple is so cute.)
Photos by Sarah Rhoads via Brooklyn Bride.

Note to sefl: get more tattoos and cute dresses. 


  1. Ahhh. I love all of these. Makes me want to be more chic and then have someone follow me and take pictures :) Dreamland.

  2. I'm not into camping. BUT I am into those camping pictures! So cute!


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