Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear Someday-Baby

Dear Someday-Baby,

Your Someday-Dad and I have been thinking and talking about babies a lot lately. We didn’t start talking about you all of the sudden one day, the idea of you and simply seeped into our lives. Over the past three years our friends and family have welcomed new, tiny members of their families into their lives (and ours) and it has been a joy to watch. After holding these new people, your Someday-Dad and I talk about what our Someday-Baby will look like. We’ve decided that you will probably have my eyes, his nose, and his lips. (Oh, Someday-Baby, you want his smile—it lights up the world.)
If you are a Someday-Baby-Boy, we already have a name picked out for you. We roll this name over our tongues and our hearts often. I’ve already practiced writing it, next to my Someday-Last Name. We will keep this name close in our hearts until “someday” becomes “today”. If you are a girl Someday-Baby, your name will be highly contested and debated. Your Someday-Dad says I like hippie and grandma names. But between you and me, Someday-Baby, I think he is afraid to have a Someday-Baby-Girl; protecting you would be a big someday-job.
Aside from your Someday-Name we talk about how we want to raise our Someday-Baby: cloth diapers, lots of music and art in your life (dirt too), adventures, wooden toys, and lots of love. We want a lot of things for you Someday-Baby, but more important than things we want you to grow up into a fantastic Someday-Person and that is a big responsibility.

It seems strange for me to have all this Someday-Baby talk in my life because before I met your Someday-Dad, I never wanted children. In college I always believed I would become a high-powered woman (whatever that means) and that I would travel and probably wouldn’t have time for a baby, or a husband for that matter. It all changed when I feel in love with your Someday-Dad: I knew I wanted to be a Someday-Mom with him. Your Someday-Dad has changed me and my life forever. Before I met him, I was shy and introverted—afraid. He made me slow down, and he showed me that you can make life-long friendships and you can trust people. He let me be me—and loved me just the way I am.

Your Someday-Dad and I will celebrate six years together next week and I couldn’t be happier. Our relationship has evolved into this unbelievable friendship and love, filled with respect, admiration, and need. As each day goes by, I become closer and closer to becoming his wife. I know this will be one of the proudest days of my life. (I know most people say that their wedding day was “The happiest day of my life.” It hasn’t happened yet, but I doubt this. I think the day we meet you, Someday-Baby, that will be our happiest day.) I say my wedding day will be my proudest day because I will be proud to call your Someday-Dad my husband. He is the best man I know—he is honest, caring, trustworthy, funny, unique, and my best friend. I like to say that he knows no strangers and that everyone who meets him, likes him. There have been many times when we’ve been out to dinner or at a baseball game, where he has started conversations with strangers and walked away with a friend. Depending on the situation, this can be annoying or inconvenient; but I know that they see what I see—joy, kindness, and a friend—and how can you be mad at that?

Many people wait until they know they are pregnant to write down their thoughts and feelings to their Someday-Baby, but it feels good to write to you now. I like the idea of sharing our lives before you with you, to show that you are an idea and a dream of ours, long before you come along, someday…

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