Sunday, February 20, 2011


Lately I've been wedding planning, future planning, design planning (office/craft space is finally coming together), and now...MEAL PLANNING.
Our schedules have been pretty crazy lately and I see mostly just see the back of Dan's head as he is headed out the door.  Good for the dog because someone is always at our house, but bad because I miss my man and also because sticking to a healthy diet is hard when we work opposite schedules.  Any meal that I cook needs to be healthy, veggie friendly, and when reheated still tastes good.  (This last one is important because Danny-Boy rarely gets it right off the stove.)
This week starts "21 GYM STREET".  I heard somewhere that it takes 21 days to start a habit and this week, I am starting my gym habit again.  I need to feel better about myself, build up endurance for those spring/summer bike rides, and looking hot as I can in my wedding dress won't hurt. 
So, to ensure I kick off this gym week right, I have planned a week of healthy meals, with a little help from blogland.  See what I'm having and cook along if you like:
Monday (courtesy of Emma of Red Velvet and her recipe journal From Scratch)
Black Bean Soup, recipe here
Jalapeno and Pepper Jack Scones, recipe here
Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas, Martha Stewart (I made these a few weeks ago and Dan really liked then.  A big plus, they were easy to make and fun too!)  I serve them with a side of sauce and a green salad.
Zucchini Garlic Soup, Apartment Therapy's the kitchn
No-Knead Bread, New York Times (Don't be afraid of making bread.  This is the easiest recipe ever and it is delicious.  I made it for my God parents Christmas Eve dinner and everyone loved it.)  PS.  Start making this a day or two in advance for a Wednesday meal. 
Eggs in a Basket (Did you know some people call it Eggs in a Nest?)  Picture here, courtesy of Pinch by Salt.)  No recipe needed for this one, I sort of adapt the classic to how Dan and I like to eat our eggs: NOT RUNNY.  At the end of the day, my version of Eggs in a Basket should really be called "A Fried Egg in Bread", but that doesn't roll off the tounge now does it?  I Also like to serve mine with avacado sliced on top with a little melted baby swiss cheese.  I also used a mixed grain bread (rye, whole wheat, and oatmeal bread).  This one also does not fit the bill of a re-heat meal, but quite honestly, its not Dan's favorite so I'm sure he'll be okay to miss out on this one.)
Sweet Potato Hash, Bok Choy Bohemia
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie, Food Network's Aida
Everything's better with biscuits, Homesick Texan (Making it to spin class will justify a biscuit.)
Spiked Apple Pie Cocktail, recipe here (Because it's Friday and we need it.)

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